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Our Knowledge Is Yours

Gemological Services of Beverly Hills, GSBH is a jewelry appraising company based in Beverly Hills, California. We were established 1979 and are pleased to provide meticulous jewelry appraisals along with our other services for our clients in the U.S. and overseas.

​GSBH provides guidance and appraisal services for the private and trade sectors. We have also provided gemological consultation services for regional retailers, attorneys, banks, and insurance adjusters.

Our appraisal reports provide comprehensive gemological information you need for any purposes such as insurance scheduling, resale advice, quality confirmation of a new purchase, estate planning, dissolution of marriage, and charitable donation etc.

We offer fully equipped gemological equipment on site for identification and analysis of gemstones. To ensure our accuracy and expertise, our staffs combine their knowledge with relevant primary and secondary market research to evaluate and identify antique jewelry, modern jewelry, signed jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, watches, and art works to private individuals, Insurance companies, and jewelry industry professionals.

Certified Graduate Gemologists

Finding the right company to appraise your jewelry is a lot like when you purchase a diamond or fine jewelry – select one whom you trust and who truly specializes in the product that you are asking to have appraised. Our GIA certified graduate gemologists give you a detailed, accurate report as well as explain to you how they arrived at the valuation amount of your engagement ring or fine jewelry.

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